Scarlett Johansson, Global Ambassador, Dress for Success.
Scarlett Johansson, Global Ambassador, Dress for Success.

In difficult times, the need for support is more crucial than ever.

Globally, there are 13M fewer jobs for women than prior to 2020.

Source: World Economic Forum.

Global crises often hit women first and harder, and their consequences can last a lifetime, as inflation and the ongoing pandemic disproportionately impact women, especially working mothers.

In the US, the Consumer Price Index soared by 9.1% in the last year.

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, June 2022

Organizations that support women and girls get minimal philanthropic support.

Only 1.8% of US giving is directed to charities focused on women and girls annually.

Source: Women & Girls Index, 2021

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“I am most proud of recognizing that there is an incredible amount of courage within me.”

- Cheyenne

“The challenges I have faced were difficult, but I was able to overcome them with pride.”

- Imane

Dress for Success helps women regain confidence and build economic stability.

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